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Heavenly Tears/Rheum #1
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Heavenly Tears/Rheum #1

Poem By Karen McCulley

Oh, how many tears, during/over all the years!
From and for our dear... Native Americans.
Oh, how it must have grieved the GREAT SPIRIT, in the sky,
To see the inhumanity of man to man.
To see the cruelty, lack, of compassion/mercy!
Which ended in the trail of tears that
Crisscrossed our Nation, AMERICA, the land of the brave and the free!
The brave and the free, our Native Americans!
How can we ask for their forgiveness,
Though we weren't there to assist.
It's for sure, I would have tried...
Fought and maybe, even died.
But we know that our GREAT SPIRIT, in the sky,
knows all and counts our tears,
and knows why and when we cry!
He will also, one day straighten,
all that has gone awry.
We'll live with Him, in PEACE, LOVE, and HARMONY...
Not the end,... but the beginning!
We'll live with our GREAT SPIRIT in the sky!... Aye!!

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