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She wanted to love him forever.
To never crave another.
To never wish or want for more than he had to give.
But then he fell from the pedestal
And upon her.
The weight of him...too much
She was unable to breathe

She was not strong enough
She was not true enough
She turned her face from his while he wept
And while she was looking away

A new face appeared
More beautiful than she had ever seen
A soul filled with so much light
A heart overflowing....
So much purity
And with her hands she held that face close to hers
And whispered that nothing else mattered
All the while, she could hear the soft sobs of the other.

And now she is bad.
Now she is so far gone
She mourns the loss while she writhes in the guilt
Tearing herself in two but still
So grateful for the light

But she only has two hands
And she wishes she could die.

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