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Heck! Part Two...
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

Heck! Part Two...

Blimey, Oh Riley! ! ! Can you see
The smile upon my face, this bloody
Crazy race that has me in the gutter
And then on the rooftops, shall I jump?

One minute you're gone, now you're back?
But only with an emoticon, showing me
You're sad... that's too bad, so am I!
Yet, here I am, waiting for you again.

How many bloomin' times! Goodness!
You really put me through the mill
This trip of insecurity that rips
And tears right to the very core of me.

I am always here for you, perhaps
That is my problem.. Should I make
Myself scarce and make you beg
Make you fall upon your knees for my love?

Mmmm, mmmm, you know that's not me
Little, silly, nonsensical me, who craves you
And bathes you in soothing, caring
Words and panders to your ego

But yet again, I'll fall into your arms
Your words of charm, your deliciousness
That makes me melt, like fuzzy felt
Creating my own pictures of this game

What a laugh! What a game
What a proverbial shame, what a joy
What a farce, what a love, what a dance
Who would have though we'd have a chance?

Here you come again, you know
Just how much I love that song, it is
A perfect scenario of you and me
Sonny boy, this love is categorically


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Comments (3)

Michelle, love is a crazy game that we all play. Sometimes we will, sometimes we lose. Winner or loser, the game is crazy. Like part one there is a beautiful rhythm that runs through this that makes the reader keep reading. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it. David
Having read the first part I had to come back for seconds. Finely rendered and evocative stuff Michelle. Sometime it's tough. Sometime it's crazy. Always it's love.
Oh Michelle. I know what you mean. Some of us wear our hearts on our sleeve, others are just so hard to work out! I love the imagary around you melting like fuzzy felt. I wish I'd thought of that first. In fact I wish I still had some! : -) Clair