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MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)


Do you know how much I love you?
What I have sacrificed, what I have gained
How I've put up with your foolishness
Where I've dug my own grave?

Mmmm, I'm not sure, Mr Man
I'm not sure you realise the extent
To which I play the game, endure your lies
Wait for the moment of truth, ever spent

You never tell me you love me
You make me look for incredible signs
You always avert the question, think that
I read between the lines... well guess what buddy?

I'm not doing that anymore.. if you want me
You know where to find me, if you love me
You know how I tick, if you really think
That this love is worth fighting for, come on!

I need to run from this and quick! !
Bugger! ! I know how that makes you smile
But honey, I want you to think of me
What dreamy intonations, will stir me

What fiery horns will drive me
What lovers words will expire me...
God, you know what I mean, you really do
But you're waiting, anticipating...

So am I, how much longer can I wait
How much more baited breath
This is driving me slowly mad
I'm going to explode with death! !

So, you're gonna come and see me?
You're going to wait for me..
You're going to love me? ? ? ? ? ?
In the words of the master, For Crying Out Loud!

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Comments (4)

Michelle, wow, this is rebellious and beautiful. I hope he gets the message. I fear not though. We so often overlook what is staring us in our face. Marvelous poem. Thank you for sharing it. Top marks from me. David
Woa! ! ! Love the strength and tone of this imperative piece. t x
I hear Meatloaf hear Em and yes, I get it............superb again! ! ! ! ! (avongal) moi xo
Let it out Michelle! An explosive crescendo of a work.