HJ (May 2,1989 / Fort Walton Beach, Florida)

Hectic World

The days fly by,
Like I'm not there.
I try to catch it,
But I reach for air.

My world a blur,
I can't explain.
I can't tell what's next,
The wind or the rain.

My momnets are clear,
I know what I do.
Still when it is all done,
I can't believe that it's through.

Time is no more,
Like a bird it flies.
But I'm in one place,
As a cops would lie.

My head is a mess,
A jumble of things.
I want to get away,
My soul sprouts wings.

Still I'm stuck in this world,
With no were to go,
Sure I like it here.
But I wish it were slow.

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