I remember the days when I was in port of Salalah,
Sultanate of Oman.
I was working in Port controllers building a mountain top.
It's really interesting, you crawled in the midnight and I offered you a bowl of rice,
in gratitude you left me a spine.
Still I am holding that curious gift.
You too a Mammal and that may be the reason
why you attached to me so much.
If I build a house one day (my endless dream)
definitely I name it as 'Hedgehog'.

dedication to poet kojo Owusu

by nimal dunuhinga

Comments (2)

Delightful write! One summer I wrote poetry in an old barn with only the groundhogs for company. I took them apples. If I sat very still, I could watch them enjoy my gift. We said our silent goodbyes one autumn day when the snowflakes were falling. I hope that the ancestors of those groundhogs and hedgehogs remember their human friends. Kindest regards, Sandra
Nimal, this is precious. It is amazing how little memories like this can have such an effect on us. Plus, I think hedgehogs are just so darn cute. A wonderful tribute to your little friend. Blessings-TGR