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Heide Park Bulleen

A warm and a sunny day in early December with just a very slight and pleasant breeze
And the late morning air scent of roses and sounds of bird song and the shrill calls of cicadas on the trees
A few days back this park land it was flooded when thunder rain fell heavily on Bulleen
And now save for a water filled drain and a few puddles of water so little signs of flooding to be seen.

In this Town park the works of famous sculptors for the public view on permanent display
The art of Mankind in Mother Nature's garden though Nature's beauty for me any day,
The noisy miners and blackbirds pipe and chirp and whistle and the common mynas sing in the sunlight
The artists would find this place to their liking and the poets of it would be inspired to write.

White butterflies are flitting around the flower beds their span is brief in a few days they die
But then two days to them must seem a long time a life time to the likes of you and I
At Mother Nature's workings I can only wonder and still my wonder of her only grow
She does not grow old and her beauty lives forever and us mere mortals to life come and go.

At Heide park in Bulleen the home of the Heide museum once the property of John, Sunday and Sweeney Reed
Good patrons of the arts, painters, poets and sculptors good people by good example they did lead,
A pleasant place to spend a sunday morning the sun is shining in the clear blue sky
A few hours to look back on and remember and a memory for to cherish and enjoy.

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