Reflect, upon the mood of men,
in whose hearts lie fallow;
their lives, lived in shadow's dim,
souls in murky shallows;
standing proud, upon the life,
in decision made so follow;
the darkest, soul phenomenon,
against all else do battle.

The fight, is an argument,
into logic, spew words of guilt;
circled, in dark merriment,
lay destruction on the world;
languidly, the shadow falls,
life in a bitterness rebuilt;
distrust, in words felling life,
a curse, on US is hurled.

By day, these wicked ones,
stand to spit upon the masses;
violation, against humanity,
counts as victory blessings;
in world mind politic,
our lives humbled by these asses;
all alive ground away,
each breath, drawn repressing.

How to see, in mind's eye,
the true nature of these beasts;
mute, in thoughtful speech,
none invited to their feasts;
truth, is told by critic,
caught in their fascist fleece;
in heart and soul all people,
fear, their secret police.

Should light be cast,
to shine upon a soul's living half;
all could see, without doubt,
the darkness in them laugh;
light in all, does yet glow,
but not, on a shadow's behalf;
'they', flee as bodies fall,
struck down by heaven's shaft.

by Michael Walkerjohn

Comments (2)

tidy, well-organized poem; subject a bit shadowy, but that may be intentional
Hi Michael, read several poems. Chapeau really great poems. Just the German lacks of right spelling: -) It is Heiligenschein ;) I like creation as well a lot, great idea! ! ! Best wishes to you and all your friends and family and related ones Alexandra