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Heineken And The Gorilla
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Heineken And The Gorilla

On the beach stood a small villa
owned by Mister Heineken.
Christmas Day a huge gorilla
broke the window to the den.

Woken by the grunting, groaning
down below the couple worried
wife said 'Hans, we should be phoning',
but he went downstairs (he hurried) .

In the chair sat the Gorilla
with a mug in his left hand,
told him 'Howdy, name's Attila
I come from Sengaziland.'

And they had a conversation,
talking monkeys drinking brew,
then agreed that in all nations
all Gorillas in a zoo

needed Heineken or Beck's
as a daily extra fare,
beer facilitates good sex
and they ought to get their share.

Sure enough, when Dawn came calling
Hans went up to see Louise,
for a spot of Kaaskopp* balling,
partner went back to the trees.

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Comments (2)

Okay...the straight man HAS a sense of unstoppable humor...LOL! Herbert, where in the hell you come up with these concepts? This is nice 'stuff'! L
HEHE....funny....very funny.