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The Most Beautiful Woman
(10 September 1886 – 27 September 1961 / Bethlehem, Pennsylvania)

The Most Beautiful Woman

Without a doubt you are the most
beautiful woman I have ever known,
my heart sighs and sings every time
I see and think about you my great
Angel Queen of delight.

You are the most beautiful woman
on this earth today or any other time.
You are the definition of beauty
in my eyes and mind.
Your shining eyes and beaming smile,
long flowing hair and a gorgeous body.
Topped off with the most important thing
a beautiful heart and soul with an intelligent mind.
You are the most beautiful woman my only one.

I am in awe and pure admiration of
all the beauty that you are and carry,
no other can come close to the Angelic
beauty that you are my sweet lady.
You're one of a kind and Gods crowning achievement.
You're the most beautiful woman that can be imagined.

You truly are the most beautiful woman
in my eyes and heart,
everything about you ignites a spark.
I'm in awe and truly love every part of you,
you're my Queen and Angel,
my best friend and true soul mate.
You're the most beautiful woman I've ever
known and I want to spend my life with you
standing at your side hand in hand forever and ever.

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Helen brings Homer's Iliad to life for readers who are not familiar with Greek mythology. Nicely penned, Hilda. : -)
Reminds me of a Scottish lady named Helen..
Greece sees, unmoved, God's daughter, born of love, the beauty of cool feet and slenderest knees, very fine poem
Helen of Troy......Her beauty is a tragedy. Wonderful poem
The deep sentiments of hatred about Helen in the minds of future generations in Greece marvelously described.
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