AC (6th August,1945 / Melbourne, Australia)

Helen Mirren Was Elizabeth

face chalk painted
flirting outrageously
with her red hair
and her elfish nose
and her bright royal wit

wearing her sexuality
like a corset
and remaining fiercely
the virgin queen

commanding parliament
Ruling England
like a man
total obedience

ordering Mary's death
- it took several blows
and broke her heart

fiercely immobile
for her last ten days
defying death

Helen Mirren was Elizabeth

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A wonderful depiction of Helen as Elizabeth, she is a fabulous actress and you' ve now whetted my appetite to watch this film! Great write Allie.... HG: -) xxx
Helen Mirren is an actress to be reckoned with and seemingly, a formidable personality (yet not w/o wit!) in her own right. This is a terrific tribute to the lady, but also esp. to Elizabeth R - if she weren't real, no one would believe any such fiction! A fantastic tho' tragic period of British history. To you, Allie. Esther : ]
full agreement here...her performance leaves you wanting more. this is a fine tribute, Allie. -Tailor
A clever, witty poem. It summed up Ms Mirren's performance but let the great(greatest) queen show through. I loved it.
Strong write here Alison, capturing much of the events and feelings within the time Thankyou for sharing Love duncan X
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