HM (24/10/1993 / brisbane)

A Step Closer To Death

I decide to relieve myself suffering from the pain
And the wishes i won't gain
The pain which i have for people
The people do not care
To the truth which is bare

The civilized people who want to exploit
The others and speak sophisticatedly like Sigmund Freud

A step closer to death, i smell the breath of my angel
A step closer to death, the way straight to the hell

I decide to relieve myself from the lousy and dirty world
The world which i can't tolerate
I've lost all my despondancy to change the world
And all of my attempts are confined to the words

My smile won't be provoked
Nothing can soothe me, even the Coke
I nearly vomit
From the world of which i can't get rid

When i show the dark half of this world
All say, beat it.are you a psycho?

A step closer to the blinds, to the deaf
I laugh at you, i may kill my death

A step closer to death, the world won't be mine
Cause the breath of the death is my only sign

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