Why the hell do you do this to me?
You say you love me,
But your actions don't show it.
Why do you shout those insane words
at me when I didn't even do anything wrong?
It's like you're choking me to death.
You're mixing up my emotions.
You're changing me.
You're controling me.
I don't understand what's going on.
I was a sweet innocent girl.
But you, the monster.
You changed me so my eyes are full of fiery and fire.
I hate it.
I hate you.
Every where I go with you, I see Hell walking a step ahead of me.
It's going to swallow me whole.
And I don't know what to do.
You make me feel so empty inside.
Hell fills my emptiness.
It's infront of me, behind me, surrounding me.
I don't even know what's right or wrong anymore.
Life is just one big blur now.
So please, stop choking me.
Stop walking on my heals,
Take a step aside.
Let me be me.
Let me controll my life.
I'm tired of this bull shit.
This Hell.
I want to be me.
I'm tired of trying to be perfect.
I'm tired of YOU.

by Lauren Meredith Gould

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Well said Lauren. I can feel the emotion it took to write this, and the emotion that is filled inside of this poem. If he is that controlling, then I would definitely say it's time to find someone who isn't, and will treat you with respect and the lady that you are. I can feel the hurt in here as well. Thanx for sharing, Lauren and I hope this isn't an everyday thing. Barbara