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Hell A Terrible Place!
DB (03-08-1965 / San Pedro California)

Hell A Terrible Place!

Poem By Dwayne Bailey

There is only one true friend,
who sticks closer then a brother;
His name is Jesus Christ,
and there is no other.
He will never leave your side,
He's always there with you;
For God is always faithful,
his promises always true.
So take a look inside your heart,
at this life you live;
Please be truthful with yourself,
and the answers you give.
Do you know the Lord and Savior,
Who died to set you free?
Or are you still in Satens grasp,
of sin and iniquity?
For the answer to these questions,
that to you I give;
Will tell you for all eternity,
where you are going to live.
But the choice is up to you,
your answers will one day tell,
Wheather you live with Jesus Christ,
or Saten in a firey hell.
I pray that you would chose the Lord,
and his love so precious and free.
Because hell would be a terrible place,
to spend eternity!

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