IR (we all die some day / Tucson)

Hell In Cell A, B

Pap's preaching, mams hurting, crying beginning singing
spit on hospital ward A, B, disgrace whispers, Angle of Light
still I search my wonders of wonders
loonytoon victim Dr., Dr. Zoogfugl
what of bad dudes?
encircling around my wits end
man's glory licks its lips in free blood
here I lay in a cold shower, pure 100 percent drug boy
bed wiped with sweat medicine
I repeat my cycle
men plot shame
over a cold sweat of tears
I stand now free
by love
papie I love you
mama, you too
End of beginnings will exclaim the end

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a great read here nice and tight enjoyed
again, i'm immediately sucked into the details of this poem. little snapshots and images jump out. I read it extremely quickly and felt compelled to go back and look at it more slowly. I very much like the idea of getting a rushed first impression and then going back to consider the detail more thouroughly. Having said that, i didin't find that it has any particular flow that carries it along and it sometimes felt slightly disjointed. not a big criticism though as it's far bayond anything i've attempted yet so all credit to you.
This is outstanding work. I am sure that you are an exceptional person. Fred