GD (04-10-1984 / Portsmouth, UK)

Hell Is A Blue Green Basketball

In the history of the planet
We are
The cancer
That lingered
But was cured in time

In all the millions of years
It took to build this dust ball
We come along
Six grand of years later
And we're just fools again

I'm getting bored of saying this
I tire of fools and sons of the damned
Laughing at me
Like I was a parlour trick
Gone wrong.

To hell with this planet.
That must be our attitude
We're pretty intent on destroying it
With our shallow atavistic ways
Praising the cosmetic knife
Over answering Mayan mysteries of the soul.

Instead of filling our minds with beauty
We'd rather smash preconceptions
With the scaremongering and the flaccid television.

Instead of seeking the divine path of enlightenment
As the luck of our Japanese ancestors might have it
We'd rather drink cheaply brewed beer
Be beligerant and ignorant
Watching karma chips fall.

Death to the lot of us.
Even our artists got all self-indulgent.
If we're so goddamn noble
Why do we crucify the Jesus of our genius
And rain manna upon the idiocy and the confusion?

by Gary Diamond

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