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Hell Runs Over.

theres will come a day where hell runs over.
and baby, ill be there when you fall.

i got my arms out, ready to catch you.
i got enough love for two?
i dont know. but i love you enough.

my heart will rip apart without a day with you by myside.
i gotta speak to you tonight!
i gotta hold you in my arms!
i gotta tell ya i love you!

but only silences remains in my heart.
darkness speaks for me.
as we kiss passionatly.. through the night..
sweetie you look lovely today..
just when i spoke..
the moon light hits us just right,
and i saw that twinkle in your eye.

baby lets run away,
we can be free,
without a care.
just you and me.

when hell runs over, ill be there with open arms
just for you..

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Comments (3)

well... im here... hells here... got enough arms? ? ? lol.... jk.... ehem.... but yea... nice poem... i guess it's just as much worth my time as the 'poetry' i write.. lol.. +10
awsome poem! if hells runs over, IF it ever does..wil you hold me tight so i wont get burned? lol -curly
will u be there for me too... with open arms? ? ? i love u...plz dont forget that