Helleville In Laag-Normandié....

Poem By Sylvia Frances Chan

Helleville, Basse-Normandy….

rural and pleasant
the eye wants something too
Enjoying complete tranquility on the spot and admiring the beautiful surroundings
what a luxury
just like that in rural France near the sea
enjoy wind sun grass sand and sea
here in Helleville where people are very intelligent
but consider it as ordinary
I've never known one misery here
relax and linger
it is 2175 kilometers to drive there and back
the roads are not as steep as in the Dordogne
greatly enjoyed
of the French temperament
fierce but friendly,
they appreciate it when you address them in their own language,
Helleville, a village apart, small cute but clean and cared for
that is a certain guarantee

Enjoying complete tranquility on the spot and admiring the beautiful surroundings

Helleville in Basse Normandié
enjoy with some peace of mind

Comments about Helleville In Laag-Normandié....

Enjoying tranquility and beautiful surroundings in Helleville in Normandy you have gained beautiful perception which is reflected in this excellent poem. Intelligent people reside there in Rural France and they behave well. The small, cute and clean village has attracted your attention. This poem is excellently penned....10

5,0 out of 5
1 total ratings

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