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* Hello 2010 *

2010, we hold hands, praying
Massacre and suicide bombing
Will not be the new screenplay
For the live audience, at bay

Economic uprising would be the hope
For many around the globe
Putting food on the table
Shouldn’t be a gamble

The hole in the sky
Is the key to the word, die
Unless we resolve the cause
At all costs

Black, color and white
The pride of humanities world wide
Nothing is above God
Race supremacy should be left to rot

Politicians and terrorists
Are the naked bliss
The true blessing in disguise
The sweet and bitter pies

Should we roam into this New Year?
To taste more bloodshed and sizzling tear
Or to embrace the blue horizon
Without pain, sorrow or burden

2010, please give us the luxuries
To live another day without worries
The old road was so rough
The going is so tough

Think about the children for instance
Growing up is like walking the distance
Stumble and fall in the midway
Life is dark and gray

They say religion is the marker
For worst or better
To kill is to feel
The sin, right beneath the heel

Fanatic or not
Suicide or plot
Satan and demon
Would galvanize in turn

Say hello to the New Year
Smile from ear to ear
Dream and dream and make believe
For the world to achieve

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Dream and dream and make believe For the world to achieve . . Be heavenly!
aabb good rhyming. the ideas and thoughts are good and have deep message. good come back.
i liked the message this poem bring up to make us all to think about our way of life...
Welcome back, Sulaiman, and Happy New Year. Humanity deserves better and you said it just perfectly. '10! ' Many Warm Wishes, Marilyn
An excellent poetic performance. Encore, Suliaman! Warm wishes for a very creative 2010. Always, Sandra
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