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Hello Beautiful
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Hello Beautiful

A thin line separates love and hate
A line so thin both emotions tend to merge
Anger takes the hand of desire
While desire bows to frustration
And frustration succumbs to reckless admiration

Love came too quick and too strong
Everything I wanted was to be yours
Every word you ever spoke was to me
Like a note of a harmonious melody
A lullaby so soft and sweet
I could feel my fears slowly disappear

What I called love slowly morphed into hate
I hated you for never being there

Hate came too quick and too strong
Every word you ever spoke
Came to mean something different to me
As if all you were was a nightmare
A nightmare I abruptly awoke from

When all hope was gone
I found something which caught my eye
It was a letter from the boy I thought I lost

I closed my eyes and caught my breath
Was hate supposed to feel this way?

The letter read:

Hello Beautiful,
I really hope that you are well
Times are rough and work is hard
I haven’t been around as much as I would like
Even though it’s been so long, it’s you who I desire
In the midst of confusion, the memory of your smile is my illusion
In the midst of desperation, the memory of your kiss is my salvation
If emotions overwhelm you, don’t be ashamed to say that you miss me
If fear takes a hold of you, don’t be ashamed to close your eyes
Close your eyes and imagine me by your side, for that’s where my soul resides
Time forgives no man, I know. The distance is great, I know.
Close your eyes, and let the wind roll back your hair
For before you open them again I will be at your door
And I will be there to stay

A tiny tear rolled down my check
After all, a thin line separates love and hate

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Langston Hughes


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