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Hello Daddy
MLM (April 5,1991 / Greenfield, Ohio)

Hello Daddy

Poem By Monica Lynn Mason

Hello Daddy,
Remember me?
The little girl you used to fondly present,
Now the young women you so often resent.
Trapped in the deep darkness of depresion,
You just shunned me into unappreciation.
Drunken arguments tore us apart,
Now you want to rid your life- of what you used to love with all of your heart.

Hello Daddy,
Do you even know me?
The daughter you never seem to have,
The girl in her bedroom,
Wakeing up screaming,
Wanting so much just to feel wanted,
But nothing is ever good enough for some people.

Good bye Daddy,
Forget me,
I was never here,
You never held me dear.
You cant even say my name without the disgust in your mouth.
If you can remember my name,
Simply think of me as....
Not as the daughter you once had,
But the daughter you could have had.

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