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Hello-Goodbye-Keep Living The Lie

These thoughts, they run through my head and keep building up
Quick, give me a pen before I explode
I tell myself: keep your mouth shut
Keep your heart and stories secret
Be stern, be strong, quell the feelings that keep rising
Stay strong, stay strong, stay strong
Because 'If it hurts you less'
I'll take solace in this blade
'If it hurts you less'
I'll keep to myself- put myself to bed and hope to dream
I'll shake under these sheets (fighting the urges that tell me to walk up those steps)
'If it hurts you less'
I'll leave you alone
I'll leave you and you alone
But I won't lie
For those brief moments,
I can't suppress the joy that rises-so quick, so uncontrollably
While you're near, I can't hide what you do to me
But like a gust, you've gone and found yourself another
To talk to, to tease, to enjoy,
To hold, to kiss and to forget
And once again, Im left alone 'hitting my head'
The stupid one
It's hard to keep my head up and wear these upturned lips
When this hurt holds me weak and ashamed
I didn't take you to be a liar
But the problem with me
You see
Is that I'm a constant misjudge of character
But now I know
Now I know
And I should be glad
I will be what I should be before long
But right now
I'll try my best
So that you could hurt less
Hello-goodbye-keep living the lie

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