Hello, Hello..

I'll say hello,
you'll turn away,
I'll cry hello,
and you'll turn and kiss his face.
You'll forget,
but i'll lie in bed and remember.
You'll remember,
but I just want to forget..
You ignore me,
'Hello, hello, is anyone there? '
I feel your coldness
creeping into my bones
as I cry, 'Hello, are you there? '
You'll keep turning,
I'll keep crying,
'Hello, hello, why aren't you here? '
You'll leave for good,
I'll die again soon,
but when you finally remember,
I'll be gone forever.

by Ann Thrope

Comments (2)

I really liked this poem and it gave me inspiration for another poem I did. 8/10
Love at first sight? Not at all times my dear, it needs two to tango. Maybe the other party doe not realized it sooner than you that love does exist, and it was only later upon knowing you better that he also relaized that such feeling did exist between the two of you. Love should be patience and understanding, forgiving and hoping. Regards. You got my 9 rating.