A Haunted House

I imagine any haunted house to have:
Creaking stairways
Whispering blinds
Creaking doorways
Blood-curdling sounds

Spooky cob-webs
Ominous darkness
Ghastly shadows
Dreadful loneliness

Spine tingling shrieks
Owls hooting
Things that make
Your skin crawl

An eerie silence
yet squeaky rats
A threatening suspense
with fluttering bats.

Thus a place crawling with,
oversized gnats
scurrying brats
and all kinds of scary things haunting about
except for scaredy-cats!
YIKES, I'M ALREADY SCARED.! <img src='/s/images/smile/shock.gif'>

by s.zaynab kamoonpuri

Comments (2)

This one's OK but in the right-hand corner you have a list of 'people who read bukowski'. How in the hell could Walt Whitman and William Blake have read him when both have been DEAD for quite awhile? And how could Tupac Shakur? That reject from Dr. Suess can't even READ!
true. and no one sees that they are trapped. they think they have everything. thing...that's the problem. their souls have been sucked out and they are trying to fill the empty place with things. impossible dream. can they dream having no souls?