Hello, My Friends

Hello, my friends,
I’m back again,
I’m now feeling,
Calmer and rested,
I still have my pain,
It’s been quite a drain,
And my spirits,
Have truly been tested.

I went to the hills,
Gave up on the pills,
Spent time in some quiet,
I was all on my own,
With not even a phone,
Twenty miles from,
The nearest train station.

I sat on a rock,
Had no time to talk,
Or engage in,
Polite conversation,
I just passed the day,
No particular way,
More effective than,
Damn medication.

I still have my pain,
But I’m on track again,
And I’m feeling,
Much brighter tonight,
I may not have a cure,
But one things for sure,
I now have my strength back,
To fight.

While I was away,
I do have to say,
I missed all my friends,
On the corner,
And now that I’m home,
I’m not so alone,
And my heart is now,
Feeling much warmer.

by Linda Harnett

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