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Hello New Year 2008.
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Hello New Year 2008.

Poem By samyak jain

two steps into my living room,
what promises have you
come with?

i didnot welcome you,
you are an intruder,
any way,
since you have butted in,
you are welcome
into my house.

but do tell me,
what have you brought
to show me?

will you be an
improvement upon
all your brother years gone by,

will you promise
horror of rain waters
this monsoons,

will you be less chill
to the unclothed millions
in Asia and Africa,

will you promise
democracy, rule of law
and justice
in many blighted lands,

will you ensure
the path to democracy
runs smooth in many
small and desperate lands,

will you
promise me that
the world's rich
and famous
will not hide behind
while wiping a tear
from the cheeks of a
skeletal child
of the African

New Year 2008,
you all have been
no different
to one another,

you have always
flattered in the
to deceice at the end.


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Comments (2)

If you predict the end A deceived one...at the beginning itself You may go un-noticed, the virtues around. Anyway belated Happy New Year.
Unfortunately you are correct. Good poem though.