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Hello There
DK (honestly why would i tell you? / does it matter?)

Hello There

Hey how are you.....
Im just talking to the wall again there is nothing to do
wow this isnt glass *bang* what is this stuff
its worse then being in one hand cuff
to someone else u dont like
wow in this place there is no place to hike
i thought i was riding my bike
.....why am i talking to a wall
why is there even a wall here at all?
why am i here
where is here where is over there
what is time in this place
In this place im no photo taking ace....
wow erm hmmmm uh huh? what......
the walls r gone.....
someone is asking me if im ok
what can they saY?
what r they saying i cant hear
i cant hear you my dear....
am i still trapped.....
maybe between both worlds now
maybe the walls have always been there...
what is real
if i knew would it make me squeal
and scream with terror or is the truth
not uncouth
but is it filled with love and dotted with vicarious empathy?
what is the reality
is this life is this a rhyme....is this a poem what am i...human or so you say...

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