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Hello World
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Hello World

We start our lives as parasites
and selfishly take all we need
to satisfy our appetites
to mothers wants pay little heed

Inhabiting a paradise.
A place of comfort and delight,
it comes to us a surprise
to be expelled into the light.

Our first reaction is to yell
protestingly to no avail
Expelled from paradise to hell,
just the beginning of our tale.

We are presented with a teat
and fall to suckling hungrily.
The breast is warm the milk is sweet
we feed and then sleep placidly.

In my small world there’s only me.
Nothing and no one else exists.
Save only what I feel and see.
A point of view which long persists.

I make my demands forcibly
because I rule the universe.
My mothers there to comfort me
and feed me when I wish to nurse.

In time I came to realise
my mother isn’t part of me.
My wants and needs she still supplies
but does so voluntarily.

I recognise her by her smell
and fret when she’s away from me
I scream in anger and rebel
because she has no right to be

anywhere but in my sight
and so she sings to comfort me.
I give in and cease to fight.
Then when I’m sleeping peacefully.

She can get on with other things
the household chores which must be done
But she flies back as if on wings
if I should stir or cough of course.

My daddy sometimes watches
me while mummy has a well earned rest.
His antics make me with laugh with glee
but I still love my mummy best.

I’ve ceased to be a parasite
I can live independently.
I know when mummy’s not in sight
she’s never very far from me.

I still return to paradise
when mummy sings a lullaby
and rocks me ‘til I close my eyes
and fall asleep obediently.


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Comments (5)

i loved the rhymes........magnifico seniyor........bravo. your hello to the world is ambigous....but very clear statements.i'll read more of yours in times.
Beautifully descriptive - who on earth made mothers? Kind regards Aine
Beautiful, poetry A mother's love is the best. Magnificent poetry.....
A tender word portrait of a mother's love. Every child in the world deserves this. Warm regards, Sandra
gem, the mothers' deep love.i like it very much, that's ture.txxx