IA (18-07-1981 / Ijan-Ekiti)


Dear helmsmen
Your attitude to the assault on our kinsmen
By the heartless herdsmen
Portend for our country a foul omen

As you endlessly make a claim
And baselessly proffer a blame
By calling the departed a name
And leave our villages in flame

While the farmlands burnt to ruins
With the plot of the Midland to clean
Busy, you danced in the Eastland like queens
A plea for their votes, the duty to which you are keen

Ah! Blood here, blood there, there is blood on your hands
E'en as you stroll the blood-stained land
Leaving us to wonder whose concern you bear
The herdsmen's or kinsmen's, O helmsmen!

by Idowu AdegbileroIwari

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