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Help me what needs to seen,
but not in the wrong way.

Yet he /she show their pain of frustration
and sorrow.

Knowing how they feel each day,
and thinking what bring tomorrow

Trying to make them into someone
they are not, leave them be,
But can’t they see who and what they are

Making them into somebody they aren’t.

They still try to change them instead
try to help them and except them.

Help them! ! ! ! ! !

I speak words to help for this begging call,
but instead they seem to listen....

Only for a moment, but do they hear ……

I hear them calling for someone hear
their calls for help to understand.

I see, I hear, I feel their pain and their cries
I understand their whys! Do you?

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Comments (2)

Thankyou for a lovely poem Pam. My I please make a comment? If I were you I would shorten your lines. Make each comma a new line so that the reading is easier on the eye. Hugs Jan
Yes, I do! Good poem, very good poem