Troubles come and troubles go
some just seem to stay and grow

A broken heart, a troubled past
please oh God don't let it last

I can not let people see
how bad my problems bother me

Frazzled nerves and short on air
I just know I'm growing grey hair

Bills are piling on my table
they will get paid whem I'm able

So now I bow on bended knee and
ask the Lord to please help me

I have bills to pay and food to buy
I am so overwhelmed I just want to cry

I let go of my past and on with my future
I ask you dear Lord to be my tutor

Show me how to make our future bright
By leading me with your guiding light

by Denise Girod

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Dear Denise I pray a solution will come your way. Love Duncan
Dear Denise I pray so a solution. Love Duncan
a simple poem that tells it like it is. help is on its way