Help In Age

How does poetry help in old age?
How can something new and innovative be inscribed on page?
Does the mind evolve such idea to cope with new generation?
I thought answer was in yes and had very much relevant indication

There were many ups and down in the life
No peace in mind with lots of worries and full of strife
It has dragged you for entire length and brought to near end
You are free now to find a new set up with old friends

How to keep mind young from on going struggle?
You had long innings even it was termed as bubble
Now there is time to look back and assess the past conduct
How to bring them in for future use and effectively induct

It is not easy to dream about young girl and think of sweet moments
Surely people may laugh at you and even offer critical comments
Little suspicious movement may adversely affect your reputation
It is rather advisable now to work towards some contribution

I buy no such arguments and offer self for lovely and romantic nature
It doesn’t involve going round for lust but find out for nice future
All natural objects are there since centuries and invite your attention
You had so far neglected it and had not taken note for any mention

How to turn then growing age into charming young age?
To feel young or inject valuable ideas on golden pages
Remain with young environment and feel energetic
Of course yes, it is remedy for not to remain static

Even water may stagnate and spread the smell
The disease may spread and nothing goes well
It is better to keep moving with changing world
Not to remain with bye gone and try for new fold

I did it with quite ease and now enjoy
There is no more tension and spend the time with joy
I have learnt a new lesson and share it with readers
They are my strength and useful means to scale the ladder

I may not come up with their expectations
Yet can lead to the solving of some of the questions
It may provide clue to the burning desire
This is all more important from turning life into satire

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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