Help Me

thoughts in my heart knowing to bless me
guide me are thing's I no places me that you have
place me in your heart and soul walking in too that you have
light from the darkness help me walk on this path
where I need to be that I have fall on hard times
reach for the stars knowing in your heart
the way of life is very truly amazing look beyond the
point like looking glass reach out for the moonlight
in your hand that you have see the moonlight
point like looking glasses reach out see the sun you are angel
that you have view
what do you no see win you look at your window
that you are not a alone that you sent a angel
you have all the bad dreams go that I have
that you have follow me follow me this moment on
I have falling over and over from the ocean's to the
from the shadow out of the darkness heaven
not even comes out of the darkness there no end
sight that out of the darkness there no end
love me from the distance that you have guide me
from the shadow out of the darkness'

by sabrina spriggs

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