Help Me.

Help me appreciate love.
The commitment to care.
In the comfort-zone, where
Two hearts live life love would approve.

Help me appreciate trust
In realms of true words
Where doubt seldom occurs
And hope's never trampled to dust.

Help me appreciate life.
There's some place where no lies
Ever darken love's skies.
As peace spreads warm wings over strife.

Help me start

by Fay Slimm

Comments (3)

With love comes commitment With commitment there must be trust & no doubt If there's doubt there will be no peace You really do write very good poem tis going to my fav poems
Hold on to what makes you happy... live your life each day as if its your last by making the most out of it! Do not live in the past nor the future, live today because the moment is now! A 10.
A prayer of heartfelt and beautiful words. S :)