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Help Me Please! ! !
AC (10-5-92 / Dominican Republic)

Help Me Please! ! !

Help me please understand why i was abused
Why did my father hate? Beat me?
Why did he take my hope, dreams away?
Why did he take my faith in god?
Why did he make me feel like their is no hope for me?
Am i wrong for not loving him anymore?
Am i wrong for not trying to understand him?
Did i do wrong? Did i deserved this?
Was the abused my fault?
Will i ever recover from the abused?
Please help me understand Why..........

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Comments (4)

He was sick, or evil, or both. It had nothing to do with you. If someone else was in your place it would have happened to them instead of you. I am sorry you were there.
i hope this poem isnt about u and if it is, bless you. Good write :) xx
hugs to you.....heal, just heal...........marci.xo
a suicide note/i been raped is not poetry... if u look 4 answers.