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Help Me To Start Again

In a pool of pain and bitterness,
Comforted by contrition and unexplainable love,
I looked into the skies with my hands high …
I closed my naked eyes and asked why.

I have been here before … I'm here again,
Same gathering in the same demented atmosphere,
A kind-hearted dove that mingles with the cassowaries …
A familiar start with a predicted end.

Why did I flee from you O Lord!
Why is this path so cold O Lord!
My father prayed … my mother wept!
Help me O Lord to start again!

Now I claim that pain is hope
As sunrise is far and its light so faint.
Once played a saint but now a villain
As the story is told again and again.

As his wrinkle strengthens and brags,
As her fine black hair turns grey,
The flesh still in the gathering and did not understand …
The spirit looks down and shakes his head.

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