B.Okudzhava, A Prayer - Song - Translation (Rus.)

By Bulat Okudzhava

1st variant

Untill the globe is circling,
Untill light's bright, as it said,
My God, please, give for everybody
Anything he doesn't have:
To clever man you should give a head,
To a coward one - give a horse,
Money - for those, who are happy,
And don't forget of my turn.

Untill the globe is turning,
My mighty God, please, give indeed
To man, who is longing for power,
Power such as he needs.
Let's give a respite for a generous man
Up to the day's end, and more,
Give a repentance for Kain bad,
And don't forget of my turn.

I know you as the all-mighty,
I trust in the wisdom your's,
As the killed on war soldier
For a paradise longs!
As the everyone's ear
Believes in your quiet speech,
As we believe in our innerself,
Without knowledge of real.

Oh my God, with green eyes my Governer!
While the earth's turning, strange
Is for it this turnover,
While it's full of the flame,
Full of time and of fire will,
Please, give for us everyone all
A little piece of of the every thing,
And don't forget of my turn.


2nd variant

While the Earth is rounding, while the light is a glare,
God, please, give for everyone all things, that they don't have.
To a wise man, please, give a wise head, to a coward - give a steed,
To a happy man - give a gold sack... And don't forget 'bout me...

While earth is silently rounding, God, all power Thine! ,
Let those, who like the power, to satiate rule in their life,
Let's give to a lavish man - breathing-space to day's end, to coming evening,
Let give to Kain - the repetance... And don't forget 'bout me...

I know: You are so mighty, I believe in Your wit,
As soldier killed trusts in Paradise, which somewhere is fated to him,
As any a silent ear believes in Your silent speech,
As all we believe, but without mind about all our deeds!

God, oh my God, with green eyes, while the Earth's turning well,
Though It self is in doubt, how It exists in that dwell,
While it is enough time for fire and time is not over still,
Let's give a little for everyone... And don't forget 'bout me.


by Lyudmila Purgina

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Well said Oseola, nice reminder James Williams.
Well done James, another environmental warrior mother earth has a good friend in you, O-Ho Osceola
awesome....! please read my poem called 'natures war'