Help The Earth

We all need to help and too recycle what we can,
We all need to do our bit,
The earth is such a pretty place
But, I fear, we are killing it.

We need to stop throwing things away
Acting like we don’t care,
For when tomorrow comes,
It’s our children that need their fair share.

We are draining the earth dry
Making it old before its time.
Taking all the oil, coal
and precious metal is not fine.
It’s the inner of the earth,
It’s the organs it may need.
What are we doing it for?
Oh yes, it’s just for man’s greed.

Let’s find a better way
Let’s help all we can.
Let’s make wind power,
Water and sun power,
the energy of man.

Shall we stop all our wars?
Shall we stop the bombing too?
Shall we give the earth a chance?
We all know what, we should do! !

by Pamela lutwyche

Comments (1)

true and inspirational. yeah earth is such a pretty and beautiful place and i pledge to do what i can to save its beauty excellent