Help Yourself, God Helps You!

“Oh, My God, Ganapathi,
Show on me your mercy,
Coconuts one zero eight,
I’ve them in my basket.
One by one I shall break it
If you give me a good result, ”
Prayed a pitiable student.

“Oh, My God, Balaji,
Of the seven hills, Tirupati,
Show on my son your pity,
He shall visit your city,
And make his head baldy,
Offering you his hair bushy, ”
Cried his worried mother.

“Oh, My Lord, Hanumanji,
The blessed servant of God Ramji,
Why not you help my son?
You know, I’ve him as only one,
If you make him pass the test,
I shall offer you butter, the best, ”
Prostrated his frustrated father.

Can Gods in the Heaven,
Really help to pass any one,
In the final examination,
For things offered, in return?
Ho no! God helps those,
Yes, who help themselves!
The secret behind one’s success!

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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