Helping You Understand!

How can I explain to you
How much I don’t want to die?
You wouldn’t even notice
So there’s no need to cry.

At a reunion in ten years time
There will be no-one where I should sit
But it doesn’t matter
Because I never did fit

“It’s easy to forget those
who don’t matter” is what I say
I’m just a hopeless nobody
At the end of the day

So do not cry for me
When I decide to go
For I cannot stay
More than you know

I am not happy and
That’s why I must leave
Please don’t be angry,
Don’t cry, don’t plead

This is about me and
My quest for peace
Could the answer be
Locked in eternal sleep?

Please don’t feel that
I don’t love you, because I do
I just need to do something
Which to me is true

I’ll try to stay
At least for a while longer,
But I think to be here
You have to be stronger

I don’t have the strength,
I am too weak.
I don’t believe life has
The answers I seek

Still I can’t explain to you
How much I want to die
But you’ll easily move on
Please don’t cry…

by Becky Ginn

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