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Helplessy Hopeful.
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Helplessy Hopeful.

The shells are falling all around.
Destroying lives and property
The city streets a battleground.
Death strikes indiscriminately.

The government determined to
Enforce the rules which they dictate.
It seems they are prepared to do
Anything but negotiate.

Dictators do not want to see.
That times have changed and they must go.
They cling to power desperately.
Try to maintain the status quo.

A task which proves impossible.
Because the vast majority.
Have decided that they will
Fight to reclaim their liberty.

The winds of change have reached gale force.
Which no dictator can defy
Although they're bound to try of course.
To no avail they must comply.

The peoples will is paramount.
No man can rule without consent.
Dictators will have to account
for all their sins that's evident.

The winds of change will sweep away.
Dictatorships and tyranny.
Although there is a price to pay
Peace will return eventually.

But until then the suffering
will continue day by day.
The world condemns but does nothing.
Just watches in a helpless way.

Sunday,08 July 2012

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