Hephaestus-Vulcan (My Epic Poem) Pt1 (C) 8-13-07

Lately I have a strange feeling like I'm not really human
But I believe it's just an imagination from my mind
I know it seems weird but I've been havin crazy dreams
that Vulcan is my father I don't know if it's a sign

My mother never talked about my father much
She said there were things I didn't need to know
I don't understand she really never told me why
But said don't worry about it leave me alone and go

I always thought he might've killed someone
Or a very terrible crook or a master thief
Or maybe he was sharpshooter with a gun
But if he's inhuman that'll be a big relief

He's probably from Krypton or somethin
Maybe he's from Saturn, Jupiter, or Mars
Maybe he's like half animal half man
Or he's from somewhere in the beautiful stars

Never mind that's crazy talk he's nothing but a man
He's as normal as everyone else what am I saying
But there's still something I don't understand
Never mind I'll think about it after I finish laying

Dear son you might not know me but I'm your father
I know you have some questions but now don't bother
My name is Hephaestus son of Hera and step father Zeus
I know you probably never heard of me my young deuce

Why do you call me young deuce and you're the God of tech
And many others aren't you also the God of fire
I know you because I study up on you all and I know your effect
So why are you calling me your son O mighty sire

I call you deuce because you are my second child
I know it may seem weird but your brother was named wild
Because he didn't at all fit the description of mild
His craziness was something that was the worst to be filed

He would've been my successor but he got himself killed
Fighting with Cyclops because with pride his head was filled
So now I need you to free me out of this state of mind
But before you do that first me you have to find

Well how do I do that I am nothing but a man
I'm not able to do nothing of that sort
Unless you can tell me what I am to do
Cause if you don't my life'll be cut short

I figured you would say that so I forged you a sword
Able to cut threw any metal, steel, or board
I call this weapon Hephaestus blade now take it
Be on your way and there's no way to break it
If you need to talk just go right to sleep
And I'll talk to you there in one giant leap

I wake up the next day and the sword is lying there
I now know who my father is now I'll do what he say
It's time to be on an adventure of my life
Finally I'm going to be on my way

Copyright 8-13-07 ©® Corey Threet

by Corey Threet

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