Very few know of her secret, coiled within her bones & embedded deep within her soul is the graveyard of her hurt, pain & fears. Nobody has ever known just how many times she cried when nobody was watching, how many times she's lost hope, or been let down by the ones who once promised to catch her. Where in her life sad becomes hurt, hurt becomes feel, feel becomes pain and pain becomes the tears of a battle she constantly loses to herself. She has so much of everyone in her heart, nurturing them with her time, patience, energy and love. An act no one asked for but she gives anyways because the world sees not what she does but she takes what she learns and shares it by helping people see that even a war can both be won and lost. That everyone who carries a soul can feel pain, which is a pain that is just as meaningful as her own. The girl we all have come to get to know, the one who seemed unbreakable breaks every night, though we thought she was strong, nobody knew how many times she faltered behind closed doors.She always seemed happy & smiling like nothing could ever destroy her inner peace, blinded by her smile we failed to see her crying. She fought for everyone one way or another, showing everyone kindness the only way she knew that could possibly make a change. Her heart, she opened her heart to everyone, even to those who once almost killed her very essence. The essence she now keeps hidden in a place no one knows of, not because she knows not of your purpose, or lack of trust, but because of her fears, scars of her past. Those lost nights, random tears, painful memories, a pain she'd have destroy her 1st, rather anyone else. She believed in the beauty of the world, she used everything within herself to always try see the good in people. She loved all the things the rest of the world had seemed to have forgotten about. The sounds of kids being kids, to witness a proper courting of a lady, the grace of a broken flower found along side of a road. What made her unlike the rest, an element of wonder made up of qualities of her own is losing its hope. Things seem far from perfect, she's losing site of the good, and beauty radiates less along the horizons. Whispering to herself she cant do this anymore, within her she holds her will that she's ready to give up. It's sad really that everything she fought for, everything she believed in, her love and care is what's breaking her & hurting her the most. She sees in herself as just another broken thing this world cares nothing about, lost and left behind. Though her feelings go unseen, and having to be far from alright there she stands. Weak in the knees from holding high her own strength, weary in her soul unable to rest she still continues on fighting. Though all you ever may see is a cloudy darkened sky, what makes her beautiful, what makes her will survive even when broken, is that she sees what we cant.
An endless ocean of stars.

by Miiya Skky

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