Im feeling weird,
sitting here near her,
still remember those days,
when i couldn't do nothing but wish she would stay,
and I dream still i dream,
about that kiss we shared it seemed,
so sweet and gentle,
so nice and tender.
But i know I'll never be that wife,
For now we have moved on in life,
And we are taking separate paths,
Me and you werent a problem we equaled better math,
Im sad so sad,
My heart went through all the bad,
But it was all your choice what you preferred,
You didnt think didnt choose me over her,
I felt humiliated, so rejected,
Like i was dirt and you were sand just what i expected,
And i just cant believe it,
What the hell went through your mind... $hit! !
I miss the thoughts that used to come to mind,
Now i cant handle anymore ill leave it all behind,
I feel it in my fingers,
The tingle that yearns your touch in me lingers,
Why'd you let me down,
I smile but inside my heart wears a frown,

by Yolaine Viera

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