DH (Unknown. / )


Her powdered nose.. her scented hair.. her lovely voice.. her touch that I cant seem to find anywhere else..
Left me to a sigh...

Her brown eyes.. her kisses that she blown.. her love and care..
why cant I seem to find it anywhere..
I walked away.. with tears in my eyes..

I guess Its time for a good bye..
Let put the picture back, burn the memories..

But why do I hold this to mind?

The way she talks.. how she smiles.. when she laughed at nothing at all.. when all I needed was her voice to keep my day bright..
I remember it all.. Its eating away at me.. as I say my last words.. to let once what was.. go into another...

Its all the little things.. that keep this heart of mines going..

(I was watching a music video, and I wrote this.. lol song is called - 'Do you remember me' kinda relate to it..)

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