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*her And Him*
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*her And Him*

Poem By Michelle Guza

She sits at the window peering at the fall rain
Wondering if she is just to blind not to feel the pain
She has liked him so much for so long
She feels that with out loving him its just wrong
Just wanting to have back all the joy
But she kept ignoring that he was playing with her feelings like a toy
She watches as the rain falls wandering how she never saw it before
She just wanted a chance…as she whispers “just one more”
She looks up when she feels a touch on her shoulder
She believed everything that he told her
Her cold tears fall off her face onto her hand
She whispers to her sister “just once I want to understand”
She could never find the answers to the questions that would arise
She couldn’t dry the tears faster then they would fall from her eyes
Walking away is in her mind but she could never find the strength to move her feet
She stares out the window begging for her future not to be a repeat
The thoughts fill her head as the tears splash on the window sill
Looking out the window she see her reflection...eyes that would kill
With her sister next to her out the window they stair
How much is real…how much is really there
She loves him and thinks he is perfect in her eyes
Just wondering if all he said was lies
He said the thing that she always wanted to hear
She is still thinking about if it was sincere
It has been long enough that she has cried
Its now time for her to decide
Thoughts streaming threw her mind, tears out of her eyes, breaths faster out of her lips
Right threw her finders the love for him slips...

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