KG ( / Somewhere over the Rainbow)

Her Bad Finger - I Hate To Hate!

I hate to hate people
I'm not like that
but just hearing her voice
It makes me mad

She is the 'friend' that treats me
like a freak, like fool, like a weak.

She laughs at me in front of others
She treats me like a trash, like a freak

I hate to hate, but it is impossible with her
She make my world so annoying
She points me with her bad finger
She is the sick, She is the weird, not me

She sees me like dirt, like dumb
like a geek
She doesn't look at her mistakes
just point with her fingers
the things she sees about me

She make me anger, so anger
that I want to be away
disappear from this place
to go to a country that nobody finds me,
and nobody'll know who myself is

But nothing can change,
I try to do it,
but she is still pointing with her finger
laughing at me
making jokes about me
treating me like dirt
treating me like a freak.

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