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Her (C) 8-4-07
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Her (C) 8-4-07

Her voice is like a angel singing a lullaby
Or a baby when it says it's first word
She has a voice that can manipulate elite minds
That'll leave your heart higher than a bird

She is the girl I want to be with for a long time
That's why I'm sittin here making her this rhyme

Her smile is unique not ever seen before
That'll make Cameron Diaz's like a frown
When she opens her mouth it illuminates the room
And makes my heart really start to pound

If I could then I would tell her how much I feel
But this feeling is a feeling that definitely feels unreal

Her body can make a model quiver down the runway
And make the rumble for them to fall
If you asked me I've never seen anything like hers
And with my eyes I haven't seen it at all

If I could tell you I was lying then I definitely would
But remember I said only if I could

Her beauty is forever no matter what she does
What ever lipstick, hairstyle, or tone
The saying says beauty is skin deep
But hers surpasses the bone

Her personality can drive a man insane
To the point where he goes suicidal
She may not be the most outgoing
But when you know her she could be your idol

Not sayin I worship the girl but I bet someone does
I can't wait till I get to reflect on our day and talk about how she was

I know I use this a lot and it's really nothing new
But when she talks I almost go burr
Because she can send a man's skin to the North pole
Basically because she's just Her

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: O Im lost for words, im favoriting this poem :)
this really great I'm sure the girl who you wrote it for would be very happy