SM (11 february 1956 / beirut)

Her Dad's Last Trip

You move slowly as mountains do
I had to see it up and true
They told of you no promises no secrets few
Too much of me too much of you
Yet only i the real and due

Baby no more
Grow up a million
Birds now die
And rainbows vanish
Times to come are blood and flesh
Your dreams were shared unlocked and cut
You believed a candle and trusted charms

Cry not to blame cry not his back
You faited your love so walk the trail
God is god and you are life
Both a killer both are strong
You did it once and will kill again
One set me to know
And declared i stay

Tell me iam wrong tell me iam a fool
Say you parted never
Speak sad loud it wasn't you
Dad...Tell me it wasn't you.

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Robert Frost

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