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Her Death
TRW (In may / Maine)

Her Death

August 27,2007
The day I was told
I knew something was wrong
My 1st foster mother Vickie told me that we were having a meeting today
My Dhhs worker and consular were coming around 12
We only had meetings when I was in trouble or needed something
This struck me as odd because I didn’t need anything and I didn’t think I did anything wrong
We were at Sam’s club in Augusta and my best friend’s mom came to talk to Vickie
I was told to go sit in the car
My first thought was oh my foster family doesn’t want me any more
I would of rather had that been it

We drove home it was silent
When they came I was making mozalla sticks
I started to eat them, they were making small talk
Then came the time for my world to come crashing before my eyes
Sara my Dhhs worker said Skye im so sorry to say this but your mom and I burst out crying
I knew she was dead by the look on her face and the pain in her eyes
Even though its January if anyone says something about death and heaven I want to punch them in the face
When someone says your mom
I say my mom’s dead
Someone stays something about diabetes I start crying a Little bit.
She died of diabetes.

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Lovely poem, really moving.